Presently, the primary healthcare facility is not affordable and adequate to cater the rural population of India. Most important healthcare services like clinical laboratory, basic diagnostic centres, day care facility and consultation with specialist doctors are beyond the reach of common people. Also, healthcare delivery is a challenging and complex process in resource-constrained country like India. Hence, a comprehensive approach based on flexible, affordable innovation, technology and to do more with less resources should be the best approach to get some visible result in this direction. Being aware of these facts Sehat Foundation intend to leverage technology, capacity building and mass awareness programmes for preventive healthcare to make medical care accessible and affordable to the masses.

Sehat clinics (SC) at the block levels will be central point of primary healthcare activities at villages. Each clinic will have a Doctor, nursing staff, pharmacy, day care facility, digital x-ray, ECG and a common room where meetings will be conducted on a specific issue with the villagers.


Aligned with the ongoing government rural health mission and to create an inclusive healthcare ecosystem, the SEHAT foundation is setting up Sehat Clinics with a promise of continuum of care for each patient. We strongly believe that preventive care and mass awareness programmes along with development of sustainable infrastructure and technical support can only make a difference in rural healthcare scenario. We plan to set up 100 integrated SEHAT clinics by 2025. 


Equitable Healthcare Access for All


To establish an affordable inclusive healthcare ecosystem for primary and preventive care for the rural and marginalized communities of India.




Empathy through Technology



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