Our Services

Following our vision of ‘equitable healthcare access to all, the following services are being provided at all Sehat Clinics

Regular OPD

All patients are attended by a MBBS doctors on all working days except Sundays between 10.00 am to 5.00 pm free of cost. One Sehat centre caters to 5-10 villages surrounding the clinic.

Laboratory Sevices

A full time Lab technician conducts laboratory tests as per doctor’s advice. All services are provided at highly subsidized rate. Blood pressure, blood sugar and ECG are conducted on a regular basis.

Radiology services

Presently, digital X-ray facility is availble at each Sehat clinic wherein a technician is dedicated for the job. The facility is available during 9.00 am - 5.00 pm on all working days. In future we plan to provide Ultrasound and CT-Scan facilities also.

Nursing & supporting staff

Well-trained nursing staff and one attendant are available at the clinics during 9-5 pm. They also attend day care patients, senior citizens and children. Two hospital beds are there with ogygen supply facility.

Sehat Pharmacy

All types of medicines are available at Sehat Pharmacy. The Medicines are provided at discounted rates.

Affordable Referral

In case of emergency and special intervention related health situations, patients are reffered to Government/private hospitals for secondary and tertiary in consulation with the patient and their families.


Awareness Drives

Each Sehat Centre has a community hall where regular assembly of villagers will be conducted to spread awareness for physically activity, healthy diet and prohibition of tobacco and drinking for the benefit of Individuals/ family members and community. A religious talk or health related talk will also be conducted on regular basis.