Managing Committee

Dr.(Mrs) Sabari Ghosal

Chairperson and Mentor

Dr.(Mrs) Sabari Ghosal has an illustrious career in research and academics with 25 international publications, five patents, books and thousands of admiring students in her credentials. She has worked at National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi; DRDO (DIPAS) and Amity University, Noida for a total period of 26 years. She successfully completed few government sponsored projects on Leishmania (kala-zar) and tuberculosis with promising results and leads. Beside academics, she took the lead role as convener and coordinator of the student body at the University. The job was to identify talents and nurturing them for various co-curricular competitions. During this period she realized the continuous challenge, peer pressure and identity crisis faced by the students. To revive self-esteem and positivity among students she organized various activities like clean Yamuna drive, campaigning against smoking and drug abuse, donation drive for natural calamities and maintenance of traffic rule at regular intervals. These activities provided a new dimension of sharing and caring, team work and a sense of responsibility amongst them. Also, Prof. Ghosal realized her true passion and inner strength of doing some benevolent work for a larger cause of the society. So she left the job in February, 2020 and that was the starting point of Sehat Foundation. The vision of the Foundation is to spread awareness for good health and hygiene, capacity building and to provide trustworthy Inclusive Healthcare to the rural population of India. The 1st step forward toward this vision is the Sehat Clinic at Madlauda village of Panipat district of Haryana, where all villagers can get medical consultation by MBBS doctor at free of cost, medicines, laboratory tests and X-ray at nominal cost. Within a short period of the birth of Sehat Foundation, she arranged free checkup facility for the police personnel at the Panipat on their request. Also, she is deeply engaged in continuous research to build a bridge between doctors and rural population in capacity building, spreading awareness and providing continuous care for four diseases including arthritis, respiratory illness, diabetes and hypertension.

Dr. Utkarsh Agarwal

Medical Director and Incharge

Currently serving as Medical director and Unit head of a super specialty at Ujala Cygnus hospital, Dr. Utkarsh Agarwal with his keen interest in Critical Care and Intensive Management, is an Emergency Physician and Intensivistin ICU and CCU catering to the emergency medical and critical cases. He is our current medical director and incharge of the whole project. As part of leadership and management team, Dr Utkarsh has undertaken multiple projects in medical and allied services and has also worked thoroughly in International Medical Assistance being part of Global Medical assistance team and have evacuated and managed patients from hard terrains. He has lead different projects in healthcare sector including Remote and Tele Medical Services, Health & travel insurance, Trainings, Primary & Secondary clinics all over the country along with experience in strategic planning for critical & emergency setups which has fetched projects in South & South East Asia.

Dr. Abhijeet Mukherjee

Medical Director

With more than 10 years of experience, Dr. Abhijeet Mukherjee is a well-known health management expert and our director. Dr. Abhijeet has worked at Dr. B. S.A hospital, govt. of NCT in post op management and inpatient care. He has worked as an associate on HIV Sentinel Surveillance which aids in refinement of strategies and prioritization of focus for prevention, care and treatment interventions under the national AIDS control Program (NACP). Because of association with government as resident gave him experience in disease outbreak control as an epidemic investigator. Dr. Mukherjee has also served stint at industrial health management and occupational disease control.

Dr. Rohit Rathee

Medical Director

Dr. Rohit Rathee has completed his MBBS from DY Patil Medical college in Pune. He then served as CMO in the casualty department at DY Patil Hospital, Pimpri. He has also done certification courses in computer and has completed UNO certification with flying numbers. With his large skill set and young mind, Dr. Rathee is now serving the people of Madlauda with focus on diseases like Sugar, Blood Pressure, Joint Pain, Arthritis etc.